by Brains

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released October 16, 2012

Engineered by Eoin Hayes. Produced by Brains and Eoin Hayes



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Brains Ireland

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Track Name: Eyes
Time passes by too quick it's not your own
those days of happiness are dead and gone
you could disappear nobody would even care
or put a foot inside your grave but you wouldn't dare.

Eyes of God, don't look at me, let me sleep, don't let me dream.

Look here, it's crawling across the filthy floor
with teeth and hair stuck to it's lips lets shut the door
and show it how we deal with shit like this down here
pass the hammer tight it tight on to a chair

I take my cues from the frozen sky at night
there's life out there there's rocks and trees and cold moonlight
the stars above were put in place for me
the icy water it will soon wash over me.
Track Name: Brown Jenkin
He crawls on the streets at night but you'll never see him alone
lives in the shadow of the wizard man and that old crone
There's dirty brown fur on his back and there's flesh under his nails
That witch at his side all the time, their master they will never fail

Brown Jenkin take me, out into the fields
Brown Jenkin take me down, to another dream

He comes from another world beyond the stars above
he jumps between time and space in search of human blood
Tonight is the darkest of nights when all the devils roam
so stay in your bed this night or you'll never be coming home.
Track Name: Eclipse
The skies are rolling back now
and darkness fills the air
the sun shone bright not minutes ago but now you wouldn't dare
to glance at where the hole is, or take it on yourself
to block it with your fingers or brush off life itself

We don't need the light of god now, cause you and I will burn in Hell
There's things out there worse than dying, but you'll see them for yourself

So tempt me with your money, and show a little flesh
there's rotten teeth beneath that smile
an ungodly smell of death
Track Name: Alchemy
Catch a sight of something queer as I hunt you down
the sky is crimson red tonight my feet don't make a sound
on the frozen earth and leaves and twigs that I crush below
there's just you and theres me and what could have been I do not know


I weave my spells tight so no darkness or light can escape from them
the lines on the page only tell half a tale but if you look at them
with the right kind of eyes at the right time of night they reveal themselves
as a powerful force in an ancient reversal of man and god


Put me back inside, you cannot raise my mind
stare right through my eyes, it isn't me inside
Track Name: Thelema
Locked in the nightmare room
the painted man, smiles with pride
give him what he wants of you, your blood and soul your body and mind
you can't stop an idea like this one
from the mouths of demons and gods
he has poured his wisdom upon me, and in time you'll see it all

Speaking words of magic
have a power over you but not me
its said I leave my circle bare and invite the ancients in.

Now the time has come to leave yourself
and emerge stronger from your time in Hell
tell me tales from beginning to end
then we'll do a hit and start again

Stronger now than times before
your fists no longer beat the door
and the dog faced demon prowls the floor
sets your spirit free
Track Name: Soil Creep
The demon comes at night he lives inside of you
he makes your blood run cold and all bad dreams come true
he lives inside your mind there's nothing you can do
when he gets inside your mind you know that it is through

You both walk through the fields with the spirits of the dead
the ghosts of those long gone the spectres gently tread
a chill runs down your spine he turns to you and says
you could be home tonight but here you are instead

Soil is creeping, and it's creeping up on you

There's only one way back yes this is what he said
and that's through me and all the spirits of the dead
tonight there is no moon hanging in the sky
just you strung up alone and hoping not to die

so take your chances take me on and we will see
just who is doomed to hell and who will be set free
But just remember this is only borrowed time
and in the end I always get back which is mine.