Strange Meat (demo 2010)

by Brains

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released November 5, 2011



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Track Name: Wolfbeast
Ramblin' on through the nightime, tryin' to keep to yourself, steppin' light through the woodland, doesn't work doesn't help.
'cause it lives in the darkness, and it feeds on your fear, and you don't even know it, but your time is near.

'cause what you can't kill, can still kill you

Its comin' on like the thunder, gonna make you its slave, it'll tear you asunder, make the forest your grave, and you'll lie there for aeons, countin stars in the sky, there's no use in fighting, so don't you even try.

'cause what you can't kill, can still kill you.
Track Name: 3ft wide 7ft tall
She started a weakling, she started creeping when I gave her a taste of what she needs. Some time in the spotlight, I even fed her right until the time it came, when she towered over me.

She stood......
Straight upright, three feet wide, seven foot tall.
she looked just like, she was the type to put me down.

I know I wasn't there and some nights I didn't care, if you were left alone in darkness and cold, but you rose up anyway, smelled sweeter every day, 'till you had the strength to say, I'm ready to go.

You stood......
Straight upright, three feet wide, seven foot tall.
You looked just like, you were the type to put me down
Track Name: That awful witch
Feel a little bead of sweat running down my cheek, feels like the bead of sweat came from the coldest part of me. Woken in the dead of night from my troubled sleep, woken by the rain falling down outside in sheets.

but the rain just stopped, did the floor just creak?
my eyes glued shut so I cannot see what is happening right in front of me.

Who's that talking outside my bedroom door, and who could that be walking 'round the attic floor. There's someone leaning over me breathing down my neck, climbing up on top of me I feel the pressure on my chest.

Then my eyes spring wide so I can see, that awful witch that is straddling me, oh baby, won't you wake up from your sleep.

Now every night when I go to sleep, I know she's there and she doesn't sleep, but she's patient and she's waiting 'round for me.
Track Name: Black on Black
From ancient lands beyond he comes tonight. The winter wind begins to blow his ship towards your land he'll come ashore, what form he'll take you'll never know.

An irresistible disease is he, black on black, death, you will succumb. His mesmerizing eyes like deep black seas, will leave your body weak and worn.

He walks the land while man and child's asleep, as sure and silent as the fog, which creeps along with him down to your street. No help is coming from your god.

An irresistible disease is he, black on black, death, you will succumb. His mesmerizing eyes like deep black seas, will leave your body weak and worn.
Track Name: Muddy Water
I saw you kneeling by the rivers edge, I saw your fingers pressed to your head.
Saw you up a tree last night but not before you saw me, you took the shape of a big black raven, you took my mind and set me free.

That muddy water could feel like home, they'd all leave you be down here, leave you alone.

Now the darkness belongs to me, I walk on water I walk through trees. I know my soul is gone I saw it slip away I know that I will never see another day. But you can come and see me any time you like, just take a walk to the rivers edge in the middle of the night.
Track Name: Strange Meat
Midnight calling to you from the cross, all the dead are lifting sods, they're ambling slowly to that fabled spot, when hell is full the dead will dance on earth.

They come from graveyards far and wide to shake their bones and have a real bad time.

Get down........Way down

The moon reflects all types of dancing ghoul, there's corpses doing the twist from sixty-two, the devil keeps the beat on rusty spoons, who knows what they're gonna barbeque

Get down......Way down